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“Take a chance on faith. Not religion, but faith. Not hope, but faith. I don’t believe in hope. Hope is a beggar. Hope walks through the fire and Faith leaps over it.” ~Jim Carrey

His name is Shadow and one of his superpowers is:


I’m sure at this point you are thinking…


Here is his story…. 
He moved into the Kent Emporium in July 2014, shortly after I made the comment “I’m done with cats! After Phaedra is gone…no more cats!” (Note to self – be careful what you say, the universe does listen). 

He had found the cat door leading from outside, to the basement, to the first floor, and then to the cat food bowl. Over the next few months, he became a fixture in the back of the first floor….meaning…he would sit in the corner by the basement door, watch everyone, and after we all left, he would eat the cat food. I named him Shadow as he would sit in the shadows hoping not to be seen.

Last Thanksgiving, Shadow appeared in the back of the room during the family gathering. My cousin started to walk towards him and I told her “Shadow is wild. You will not be able to pet him.” My uncle gave me a shocked look and I responded:


With my Monday-Friday travel schedule, it was easy for Shadow to remain “wild” as there was little human interaction (other than my father who would fight with him occasionally over who got to sit in the lazy boy chair). During the Christmas season, that all changed. I was spending 90% of my time at the Kent Emporium and as a result Shadow was struggling to lose his old story of fear. Armored with big fang teeth and sharp claws…he would lash out whenever he felt fear. During the Christmas season, my calm and peaceful space slowly shifted to a place of fear as myself plus various friends and family were scratched and bitten by Shadow. At one point, while a friend sat at the bar, I made the following statement “Shadow…I can no longer live this way. You can choose to be tame or I will personally shoot you and put you out of your misery! You can no longer live your life in a of state of fear at the Kent Emporium.” My friend was shocked by my statement as he knows that I would never shoot an animal. I don’t even own a gun. When I made that statement, I realized I was done with “hoping”. Hoping this situation would get better, hoping Shadow would magically become tame, etc. At that point I took a


and I decided to open my holistic toolbox and put some drops of Rescue Remedy on his food. Rescue Remedy works on people, so I thought “why not?”. It was my final attempt to assist him with letting go of his old story of fear. Within the next two days, Shadow lost his old story and shifted from living in fear to loving fearlessly.

What caused Shadow to let go of the old story of hope (begging that I and everyone else would just go away) and take a leap of faith into a new story? Unfortunately, since he is a cat, I will never know that rest of the story. Even to this day, my friends (who knew Shadow at his worse) marvel over how loving he is. You would never know that he spent 5+ years as a wild feral cat.


  • Where in your life can you fear less and love more?
  • Where in your life do you need to lose the old story of Hope? (Hope that things will get better; Hope that I will endure the struggles; Hope that I can overcome the challenges)
  • Where do you need to shift to the new story of Faith? (Faith is a belief that things will get better.  A belief that I will endure the struggles.  Belief that I will overcome the challenges)


Robin Rosenstiel

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