Endings – 2015

endingsI have always followed the rhythms of the seasons and as a result I always find myself reflecting and ending my year around 10/31…it must be my Celtic roots.

Last week I was beginning to think that I’ve been in a rut…a yearlong rut to be exact. But as I started to reflect and peel back the layers, I was startled to discover that I was not in a rut at all, but I have been in mourning. I started to make a list of what I’ve accomplished in the past year and uncovered the underlying theme:


  • Letting go of an apartment that took up too much energy
  • Letting go of the illusion of “living the American dream”
  • Letting go of the concept of being a corporate career climber
  • Letting go of how I defined myself to my friends, to my family, and to Corporate America
  • Letting go of old “victim” stories that no longer serve me
  • Letting go of toxic friendships
  • Letting go of a loving relationship that no longer made me happy

My mantra for this year has been to “create and live an extraordinary life”.  And today I finally realize that I’ve been “making space in my life” in order to make this mantra a reality.  I never knew that I would have to let go of so much!  And yes…there are moments when it hurts and I feel like a complete failure!

This past weekend I walked through a book store (one of my favorite ways to reconnect with spirit when I’m feeling sad and lost).  As I randomly walked the book aisles, this book jumped out at me.

failIn the book, Pema Chodron states:  So a mantra you can give yourself is, ‘I’m okay.  I haven’t done anything wrong here.’ And at the same time acknowledge that it’s really painful place to be.  You can rephrase your self-talk away from, “I am a failure; I’ve really messed up here. I am fundamentally unlovable.  I am fundamentally broken.”


“Hey, wait a minute.  This is really painful, but I haven’t done anything wrong.”



Wow…I never realized that historically I have always associated “letting go” with “failure”.  Imagine being able to let go and walk away from a situation with out being branded a failure.

  • What do you need to let go of in order to make space for something new?
  • Why are you afraid to let go? 
  • What story do you tell yourself in order to avoid letting it go?
  • If you were guaranteed 100% that letting go would make space for something extraordinary to enter your life, could you just relax, let it happen, and allow the magic to unfold?


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