Starting Over




“Success is a process. We have obstacles that turn into opportunities.”   Sharon Lechter






I walked by this sign earlier this week. As I read this wonderful sign in the window of a building in Burlington IA, I laughed as it reminded me of my own “Mother Nature” experience on July 24th 2010. I awoke that morning to discover the basement of the Kent Emporium destroyed due to 3 feet of water magically appearing as the result of an intense rain storm that occurred in the middle of the night. I was shocked and angry when my own “Mother Nature” event occurred. Needless to say, I wasn’t alone in these thoughts, as the whole area was classified as a Natural Disaster Area.


Out of this experience I learned to…

Transform Loss and Change into a Gift and Opportunity.

In one single night, this flood cleared out the remnants from a closed business (Dec 2006) and a divorce (May 2010). As friends and family assisted in the clean-up, I experienced the gift of “receiving” their help (something I still struggle with) and the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start over without the baggage of the past holding me back. As I reflect while typing, I realize that Mother Nature gave me the greatest gift of all…“ripping off the band aide of my past” so I could heal my wounds and move forward with the opportunity to create a new life on my own terms.

As I reread the sign and realize today is a new moon…where in my life do I need to start over?

Where do you need to start over?

How can you transform this loss and change into gift and opportunity?


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