pauseAn interesting week filled with self-pity and envy…my own, my friends, and my colleagues. On our individual quests to create a new future (new life, new start-up, business project), each of us has hit several “bumps” in the road this week. Each of us trying to figure out where the time will come from, where the money will come from, where the resources will come from, why things are not going as fast as we “expect” them to, why is it so easy for everyone else, why isn’t anyone else struggling, the list goes on and on.

As I coached a colleague through his own thought


 I gave him 2 options:

  • “I can do what you ask, walk away (as I have no skin in the game) and let your project fail”, or
  • “I can tell you… NO, I will not do what you ask, and I will assist you with looking for a better solution as I want you and your project to succeed and not fail!”


How many times have you pursued a dream and questioned why you were not being heard? What old emotional pattern do you resort to? I know my old pattern well…getting angry, sulking, and having a pity party.


What if I was being heard and the universe was speaking to me like I spoke to a told a colleague this week? “Robin… I’m not going to give you want you want today because I want to give you something better in the future! “  Isn’t that a change in perspective!!!


After I changed my perspective on my own situation, I sat with my old emotional pattern and I started to ask myself “What self-care program can I implement when I get in this funk?” My answer…my “Be Love Art Abandonment” project (#innerexcavatealong). I like to paint rocks with words and leave them in random places for strangers to find. It makes me feel better to know that the rock will land in the hands of someone who needs love. This week I painted a rock that looked like a dice and left it along with a Starbuck card in my hotel room for the cleaning lady.



What Self Care routine can you put into place to get you out of your own “emotional funks” while pursuing your dreams?






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