Blue Moon



“Once in a blue moon someone comes along that you’ll never forget.” ~ Unknown



When I opened the back door this morning, this moth was hanging out on the screen door.

I stood there in awe and when I googled to find out the name of the moth…I was absolutely shocked!

Luna Moth

How fitting…seeing a Luna (moon) Moth the day of the Blue Moon. Upon further research I discovered that this moth only lives for approximately 7 days. As an adult, this moth does not eat…it has no mouth. One might say that the moth’s purpose is to reproduce…I say the moth’s soul purpose is to love. The Luna Moth’s life consists of:

birth, transformation, love, and death

The Luna Moth’s visit reminds me that life is a journey and in the end it is all about healing and love.

What part of yourself do you need to release and heal during the Blue Moon in order to let love in?


Robin Rosenstiel

Explorer of Uncharted Territory

Seeker of Truth

Bodacious Dragon Slayer

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