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Blue Moon



“Once in a blue moon someone comes along that you’ll never forget.” ~ Unknown



When I opened the back door this morning, this moth was hanging out on the screen door.

I stood there in awe and when I googled to find out the name of the moth…I was absolutely shocked!

Luna Moth

How fitting…seeing a Luna (moon) Moth the day of the Blue Moon. Upon further research I discovered that this moth only lives for approximately 7 days. As an adult, this moth does not eat…it has no mouth. One might say that the moth’s purpose is to reproduce…I say the moth’s soul purpose is to love. The Luna Moth’s life consists of:

birth, transformation, love, and death

The Luna Moth’s visit reminds me that life is a journey and in the end it is all about healing and love.

What part of yourself do you need to release and heal during the Blue Moon in order to let love in?


Robin Rosenstiel

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Growing Pains



“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.”

― Mary Anne Radmacher


I don’t know about you, but I seem to have an on-going issue in my life whenever I start a new “out of the box” project. I start the project and for whatever reason others don’t understand it and/or don’t like it, and as a result they “chop” it down….either intentionally or unintentionally.   Earlier this summer, I had a vision to start a “sacred herb garden”. Since I cannot buy these plants locally, I decided to create the garden via purchased seeds. This garden has been rather weedy as I’ve been waiting for the new seedlings to appear (this is my gardening technique when I don’t know what the actual plants look like). I saw a few new plants last week among the weeds and was waiting for these sacred plants to get a bit larger before I weeded the space (to ensure I would not accidently pull the wrong plants). Well, guess what I came home to last night after being on the road for a week…my sacred garden was wiped out by “helpful” parents that thought my garden needed weeding.

OMG…Really…No…Not again…UGH!!!

Well at least they didn’t accidently pull out the sunflowers this year. 5 years ago, I had to replant my sunflowers 3 times thanks to their helpfulness, 4 years ago my poppies were weed wiped just prior to blooming, 3 years ago my nettle patch was cut down (but they grew back…J), etc. These moments have been a continual teaching experience for myself and a learning experience for my parents who struggle with the concept of boundaries, who are Midwest farmers that believe plants should grow in perfect straight lines and who always worried about what others will think of my “not so perfect” bio-dynamic house yard. Just envision Flower Power Child meets Midwest Conservative Farmer.

How many times have you tried to “grow”, to step more into your authentic self only to find others “chopping” you down…whether unintentionally or intentionally?




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My intention is to provide scared space for you to grow as I invite you to find joy in the journey and to view each day as an adventure full of magic and serendipitous moments that are gently pointing you towards your own north star.

Join me here as we go on an adventure to explore, dream, and discover together.

Robin Rosenstiel

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pauseAn interesting week filled with self-pity and envy…my own, my friends, and my colleagues. On our individual quests to create a new future (new life, new start-up, business project), each of us has hit several “bumps” in the road this week. Each of us trying to figure out where the time will come from, where the money will come from, where the resources will come from, why things are not going as fast as we “expect” them to, why is it so easy for everyone else, why isn’t anyone else struggling, the list goes on and on.

As I coached a colleague through his own thought


 I gave him 2 options:

  • “I can do what you ask, walk away (as I have no skin in the game) and let your project fail”, or
  • “I can tell you… NO, I will not do what you ask, and I will assist you with looking for a better solution as I want you and your project to succeed and not fail!”


How many times have you pursued a dream and questioned why you were not being heard? What old emotional pattern do you resort to? I know my old pattern well…getting angry, sulking, and having a pity party.


What if I was being heard and the universe was speaking to me like I spoke to a told a colleague this week? “Robin… I’m not going to give you want you want today because I want to give you something better in the future! “  Isn’t that a change in perspective!!!


After I changed my perspective on my own situation, I sat with my old emotional pattern and I started to ask myself “What self-care program can I implement when I get in this funk?” My answer…my “Be Love Art Abandonment” project (#innerexcavatealong). I like to paint rocks with words and leave them in random places for strangers to find. It makes me feel better to know that the rock will land in the hands of someone who needs love. This week I painted a rock that looked like a dice and left it along with a Starbuck card in my hotel room for the cleaning lady.



What Self Care routine can you put into place to get you out of your own “emotional funks” while pursuing your dreams?






Robin Rosenstiel

Explorer of Uncharted Territory

Seeker of Truth

Bodacious Dragon Slayer

From Struggle to Ease

valeriancabinTwo years ago as I was traveling through Ecuador, I spent several days with a Shaman. During one of our conversations he made the statement…

“You need to get out of your own way!”

At the time I never knew what that meant, but during the most recent summer equinox (6/21/15) I finally got it!

For the summer equinox, I decided to visit my 20 acres of land and make some flower essences. Since my return to the US 5 years ago, I have not been giving the land much attention beyond planting a few trees and creating/spraying bio-dynamic preps. OK…let’s be honest… I’ve been avoiding the land. Why? I purchased the land 12 years ago with the vision of becoming a Medicinal Herb Farmer. I had visions of a garden that looked like a picture out of a Martha Stewart magazine. For several years I toiled and worked very hard every summer to turn the grassy hay land into a picture perfect medicinal herb farm. Every spring I started herb seeds in my basement, and as the plants grew, I would transplant them to the chiseled out grass land. I would harvest, dry, and store the herbs for future tisanes and tinctures. Growing herbs on this land was a continual battle between deer, weeds, and life. It was extremely hard work and I struggled with making my dream a reality. One day, life got in the way and I had to leave my dream behind. Returning to the land always reminded me of how I failed to make my own dream a reality.

So on June 21st, I decided to walk to my non-existent garden at the top of the hill. I figured I would see if any medicinal herbs remained and if they did, I would create a flower essence using the “no pick” method. First I saw some White Yarrow flowering, and then some Saint John’s Wort flowering. At the edge of the timber, a 4 foot tall flowering plant caught my attention. I walked up to it and stared and thought “IT CAN’T BE!”. I googled using my phone and verified what I thought I saw…a rouge Valerian plant flowering. I had planted several Valerian plants 12 years ago and after the initial year, they never grew back.  Hmmm…I guess I was wrong.   I then continued to walk to the north side of my abandoned shed (another failed dream). Growing within the grove of trees and tall grass was a whole patch of Valerian plants thriving and flowering. And that is when I got it…the light bulb went off. I needed to get out of my own way. I needed to let go of my expectation of what a medicinal herb farm should look like with its “neat organized rows” and let the plants grow where they want to grow…where they thrive. During that walk, both the land and the plants taught me that I am a Medicinal Herb Farmer. I just needed to get out of my own way and shift from being a Medicinal Herb Farmer who grows through struggle to a Medicinal Herb Farmer who grows through ease. As a result, I’ve decided to turn the land into a sanctuary for wild medicinal herbs. I’ll plant medicinal herbs where they belong and let them tend to themselves. And the abandoned shed (that was originally planned as my art studio)…maybe an individual vision quest/retreat place. I will let the shed decide.

Is there a dream that you are struggling with? Do you need to get out of your own way? Do you need to lose some miss guided expectations so you can shift from struggle to ease?

Robin Rosenstiel

Explorer of Uncharted Territory

Seeker of Truth

Bodacious Dragon Slayer