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Paint Your Dream


This year I am re-creating my life. I did not start the year with this plan, however here I am in the process of closing down an apartment located in Racine WI and moving everything to one location – Kent IL. As I embarked on this journey, I have found that creating altars is a simple way for me to stay grounded in the present moment, to remind myself of who I am, as pieces of my life are being disassembled in order to make space for a future yet to be defined. It is funny how I stumbled across this picture (above) taken two years ago. It was a rather adventurous moment – creating an altar within the stale open cube environment of Corporate America. I set up the altar on a Friday afternoon and I wasn’t sure how my new neighbors would accept this concept. To my pleasant surprise, when I returned to my cube one week later (after a weeklong business trip) I discovered that everyone around me had become attached to my work altar. To have paint, paint brushes, and color in a normally stale environment put smiles on everyone’s faces.

When I took this picture, a cube neighbor was concerned that her dying plant in the background should be removed prior to taking the picture. As I snapped the shutter on the camera, I realized just how symbolic the dying plant is. In life, some dreams need to die away so that others can be born. So in essence my neighbor (without realizing it) was contributing to the altar.

Below are some interesting conversations that merged as a result of the altar:

“A stunning altar indeed! Just remember that EARTH without ART is just EH.”

“When I was in high school I had Ms. Baum for Art class and she wanted one of my paintings to keep as an example of how not to paint a picture. I negotiated a passing grade for my picture. I’ve been negotiating ever since.”

Don’t you just love the feedback! I particularly enjoyed how a business associate found one of his skills/talents via art class…”The Art of Negotiating”!

So as I start to disassemble pieces of my life, I realize I am getting ready to “PAINT MY DREAM!”


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